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The Journey of Studley Builders  & Company Values

The Journey of Studley Builders & Company Values

At Studley Builders, we strive to build a network of quality partners, local contractors who know how every aspect of remodeling and construction. With the best crew, we provide the best solutions to our clients. We believe no job is too small and provide the highest level of services to clients of every size.

With our collaborative approach and combined expertise, we offer innovative solutions that give our clients the utmost confidence to see their dream come to reality.

Studley Builders
Studley Builders

About The Owner

Kreanna Studley founded Studley Builders LLC in 2019 after a 25-year career in the field. She has an extensive background in commercial – residential development and has worked with some of the most recognized developers in the nation. Having learned her craft under great leadership Kreanna now plays a vital role in leading teams that provide quality craftsmanship in a motivating environment.

Beyond being a highly skilled craftsman, Kreanna has a background in Entrepreneurial Studies, Business Management and continues to improve her knowledge in leadership, construction management, and craftsmanship.

“Thank you for your interest in Studley Builders. We look forward to working with you on your next project. Make a great day!”  –Kreanna

Skilled Carpenter-Painter

Having firsthand knowledge of OSHA standards, Kreanna knows the importance of practicing safety standards in the field. Having learned in a zero-tolerance safety environment Studley Builders LLC has implemented a zero-tolerance for unsafe practices for all of our building contractors. Going home safe trumps the rest.

Studley Builders
Studley Builders

Her Vision

"My vision for the future of Studley Builders LLC is to put together an A-List team of local contractors that will take on challenging projects of every size. Thank you so much to those of you who challenged me into becoming my best. Hard work shows, Yawl taught me that!!​"